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Tour to Apply

This fall the tour will introduce you to Roleen, our school founder along with a currently enrolled parent representative. You'll (virtually) walk through the classrooms to see and hear teachers and children in a typical day. Making an RSVP for a tour is the first step toward application. Choose the link to 'Tour' at the top of this page.



Learn more about our teaching philosophy

CONFERENCE  March 11 & 12, 2022

Take a look at the online learning offered by Reggio Children

Join our our Co-Director, Kristin Sherman who is also an instructor at UCLA extension to learn more about the Reggio Approach in the American Context.

Join our our Founder and Co-Director Roleen Heimann who is also an instructor at SMC to learn more about the Reggio Approach ECE 51

Learning Continues during COVID_19


In accordance with Childcare Licensing, LADH and the CDC The New School-West offers on ground preschool in a stable grouping of teachers and children.


We are now accepting masked visitors only in compliance with our governing agencies and encourage unvaccinated adults or adults living with unvaccinated children to plan any visits to our school ten days after travel or with proof of health after a COVID test on the 5th and 10th day after travel. We want to continue our presence in the community so please connect with us - stay safe everyone!

Contact Information:

phone (310) 313-4444

email info@newschoolwest.com