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How are finances supported at The New School-West?

NSW Foundation 501(c)(3)


In 2017, we marked 30 years and in honor of the celebratory event, a team of parents worked together to create a non-profit 501(c)(3) and with that, the NSW Foundation was born.  This arm gives us the ability to have a place specifically designated for funds for Professional Development.  A portion of the proceeds from our yearly Silent Auction goes directly to this source and we are now able to get added support by direct tax-deductible donations.  Through these donations, we can continue our education with the three-year contract of study that brings Tiziana Filippini to California twice a year.  We are grateful to our parents and extended families who believe in us that continuing education is invaluable and work hard to support us in our learning.


In addition to funding Professional Development, donations to our NSW Foundation also provide teacher and family resources in times of need. We have many feel-good stories of those who have received this needed support. 


To support the NSW Foundation you can make a contribution here.

What does school look like in the time of a health crisis?

  • We work with Monarch Testing to offer weekly PCR tests


  • We mask up after a potential exposure and test on day 5.

  • We follow strongly recommended Los Angeles Health Department direction.




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